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I’m offering website development, management, security, design, social media, e-commerce, professional email, SEO and more.


There are important things to consider when managing a website, it requires time, effort, maintenance and monitoring. You want it to be in professional hands.


Web services are complex and varied. Your website will be hosted on a fast and reliable, fully managed server. I’ll handle domain registration, DNS, security, emails, everything.


Protecting and optimizing your site to be safe and secure is top priority. Automatic daily security scans, antivirus, firewall, SSL certificate and more are a must.


There is always a threat, servers crash, malware, hackers. Backup keeps your data safe. The entire website and database will be backed up regularly to an offsite server.


Keeping your website running smoothly requires an up-to-date website. I’ll handle all WordPress updates, the core, theme, and plugins on the backend of your website.


Create a secure email address using your domain (**** It can be integrated with other platforms, such as Gmail or Outlook and accessed from any device.

Up-time Monitoring

Users may never return to an offline website. You always want to make sure your website is online and fully functional. If it goes down I’ll know right away and fix it ASAP.


Google analytics service tracks visitor traffic to your website. You will see the number of hits for your website. Quality reports will help you understand your customers better.


Give your brand a professional, attractive and effective look that stands out from the competition. All you need is an idea and I’ll handle the rest, anything is possible.


Responsive websites are more important now than ever. Your website will shape-shift to look great on any device, desktops, laptops, phones or tablets.

Fast Changes

Whenever you need something changed in your website I can do it for you or you can edit the website yourself with a drag-and-drop editor. No coding required, just a few clicks.


The options are huge, thousands of templates to choose from, endless colors, different menu types, custom-logo design, special needs, everything is possible.


Search Engine Optimization. Your goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result pages. Implementing specific methods and tools can boost your website to rank higher in search results and help your business attract more people.


Keyword research is very important and valuable; there are some basic keyword usage rules that should be followed. We’ll find the best Keywords and put them to work for you.


SEO content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic. This can include: product pages, blog posts, videos, guides, lists, links, images and more.


Links are a factor in how Google ranks web pages. There is a direct correlation between quality/quantity of links to your site and how much search traffic your site receives.


Social networks are a fast-growing area. Regardless of business size it is important and beneficial to have a social media impact.
It helps connecting with existing customers and gaining new ones, it increases reliability, brand’s awareness, drives traffic to your website, boosts sales and has many other benefits.

Social Networks

Allow comments on your site, add social share buttons, show social network feed on your site, auto share posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more,

Automate Posting

Posting in optimal times will make sure your social media posts reach their audience better. Choose your frequency and the time of the posts. Twice a day? Once a week?

Professional Blog

Blog can help attract visitors to your website and help rank your website higher in search result. There are best practices to consider like categories, tags, images and more.


Online marketing also called internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet. It is the most inexpensive way to reach your target market, regardless of the size of your business.


Sell anything, physical goods, digital downloads, services, and more. Flexible selling platform that offer: reports, inventory management, coupon and much more.


Online advertising is effective way to expand revenue streams and find new customers. It includes email newsletters, search ads, social marketing and more.

Online Payment

Businesses can easily accept online payment with one of the user-friendly and affordable tools available. Online payment solutions help retailers accept credit cards in a few minutes.

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